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SDI Scuba Diver Skills

Below you will find some helpful videos demonstrating skills we will teach you during your SDI Open Water Course.

Scuba System Assembly

Scuba System Disassembly

Weight System Removal and Replacement

Pre-Dive Checks

Partial Mask Clear at Depth

Full Mask Clear at Depth

No Mask Breathing and Swimming

BCD Inflation and Deflation

BCD Remove and Replace at Surface

BCD Remove and Replace at Depth

Controlled Ascents

Controlled Descents

Regulator Recover and Clear

Fin Kicks

Seated and Stride Entries

Regulator and Snorkel Exchange

Tired Diver Tows

Cramp Relief

Controlled Swimming Ascent

Alternate Air Source Use and Ascent

Hand Signals

SDI Scuba Diver Skills

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