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Young child in scuba gear in the pool.


Experience scuba diving under the direct supervision of a PADI Pro. Take your first breaths underwater in water shallower than 2 metres/6 ft. For children who are at least 8 years old.


The Bubblemaker program is an exploratory experience that lives up to its name - an opportunity for children to combine scuba diving with the joy of blowing bubbles. This unique activity allows kids at least 8 years old to explore breathing through scuba gear and freely swimming in shallow waters. It presents an excellent option for hosting an unforgettable Bubblemaker event.


Whether it's a party or a birthday celebration, the Bubblemakrs program offers you the ability to create lasting memories with your friends and family.

To participate, children must be 8 years old or older, and while it's beneficial for them to feel comfortable in the water, previous diving experience is not required. Parental approval is necessary to ensure their involvement in this exciting endeavor.

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