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Black and white image of a young diver in the ocean.

Junior Divemaster

Learn how to lead underwater tours, assist with scuba classes and inspire others to care about the ocean. Hone your skills and be the diver everyone admires. 


The Junior Divemaster course teaches you how to become a confident diver and mentor. The program is designed for teens at least 15 years old. Through various water skills, exercises, workshops, and hands-on practical assessments, your teen will develop the necessary skills to become an asset as a Junior Divemaster.  Skills include:

  • Awareness of the dive environment.

  • Mapping an open water diving site.

  • Skill demonstration with a professional when the skill requires a buddy.

  • Assisting with dive setup and management.

  • Dive site briefing under the supervision of a professional.


These are just some of the skills your teen will learn when taking the Junior Divemaster Course. This is an excellent leadership opportunity for those looking to add to college resumes. 

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