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About Ray Scuba Diving

Ray Scuba Diving is a family-owned and operated dive shop eager to share our passion for diving and fun. Ray Scuba Diving aims to be a hub for local dive enthusiasts by offering expert instruction, high-quality scuba diving equipment, and providing amazing adventures! 

Mission, Vision, and Values


To foster a love for the ocean and empower divers with the tools they need to explore safely and responsibly. Through expert instruction, high-quality scuba diving equipment, and personalized service, every diver can confidently embark on underwater adventures.


To create a local community of ocean enthusiasts united by a shared appreciation.


Passion: The shop's foundation is built on a deep love for the ocean and a commitment to its conservation.

Expertise: Ray Scuba Diving prides itself on its team's expertise, ensuring that divers receive accurate and knowledgeable guidance.

Quality: Offering only the highest quality scuba diving equipment, the shop ensures divers have the best tools for safe and enjoyable dives.

Community: Ray Scuba Diving fosters a sense of belonging among divers, creating a supportive community that shares experiences and insights.

Responsibility: The shop encourages responsible and safe diving practices, emphasizing respecting marine ecosystems and wildlife.

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