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Scuba Diving with Kids

Scuba diving is an exciting and unique experience that people of all ages, including children, can enjoy. However, scuba diving with kids requires special considerations to ensure that it is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. This blog will explore the tips when scuba diving with kids, from choosing the right location to preparing them for the experience.

Divemaster teaching kids

Prepare Them for the Experience:

Before taking your kid scuba diving, preparing them for the experience is essential. Talk to them about what to expect and answer any questions they may have. You can also watch videos or read books about scuba diving to help them understand what they will be learning. It's important, to be honest with kids about the potential risks involved in scuba diving and emphasize the importance of following the safety guidelines of instructors and divemasters.

Choose the Right Instructor:

When scuba diving with kids, it's essential to choose an instructor who is experienced and has a good track record with teaching kids. Look for an instructor who is patient, understanding, and knows how to communicate effectively with children. A good instructor will take the time to ensure that kids understand the basics of scuba diving and can offer reassurance and support during the dive.

Kids scuba diving in the ocean

Get the Right Gear:

It's essential to ensure kids have the right gear for scuba diving. If renting gear, look for dive centers that offer kid-sized or adjustable gear that can be customized to fit kids. Ensure the wetsuit, fins, and mask fit properly and are comfortable. Investing in a quality wetsuit is a good idea to keep kids warm and comfortable during their dive.

Choose the Right Location:

When scuba diving with kids, choosing a location suitable for their age and skill level is important. Look for dive centers that offer kid-friendly programs and shallow, calm waters with good visibility. Consider starting with a shore or shallow reef dive to help kids feel comfortable and confident in the water.

Padi Seal team student smiling at the camera.

Check Age Restrictions:

Different dive centers have different age restrictions, so checking before booking is important. Some centers may have a minimum age limit of 10 or 12, while others may require another minimum age to board their vessels. Ensure you know the age restrictions before you plan your dive.

Take It Slow:

When scuba diving with kids, it's important to take things slow and not rush the experience. Start with a simple dive in shallow water and gradually progress to deeper dives as kids gain more confidence and experience. Remember that kids may tire more quickly than adults, so keeping the dive short and allowing plenty of breaks is important.

Father and son getting ready to go scuba diving.

Emphasize Safety:

Safety should always be the top priority when scuba diving with kids. Ensure your child understands the importance of following safety guidelines, such as checking equipment before the dive, doing buddy checks, and communicating effectively with their dive buddy. Reviewing safety scenarios like a lost buddy and out of air is also recommended before every dive.

Make It Fun:

Finally, it's important to make scuba diving with kids an enjoyable experience. Encourage kids to explore the underwater world and point out interesting marine life. Take plenty of breaks for snacks and rest, and be sure to praise kids for their accomplishments and efforts.

Two kids eating cookies after a dive.


Scuba diving with kids can be a rewarding and memorable experience for the whole family if proper precautions are taken. If taking these steps into consideration, scuba diving can be a family-friendly activity you can enjoy for years to come! At Ray Scuba Diving, we pride ourselves on teaching the whole family to dive. Contact us today to learn more about our youth programs.

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