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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

Ray Scuba Diving is Family Owned and Operated. Our Family is eager to serve yours sharing our passion for diving and family fun. Whether you are new to the idea, been dreaming of diving on a vacation, or an experienced diver ready to take your diving to the next level, Ray Scuba Diving is the place for you! We take safety seriously while still having fun!

Meet Our Staff

Glenn Ray

PADI & SDI/TDI Instructor

Glenn is actually allergic to fish but loves to visit them underwater. He started diving with his son while on vacation in Cancun and hasn't gotten out of the water since. He loves exploring wrecks, caves, and God's underwater creation. He is a father of 3 school-age kiddos and he has a passion for teaching families how to enjoy scuba together. 


Jesse Larrabee

SDI Instructor

PADI Divemaster

Jesse is an SDI Instructor and PADI Divemaster. Jesse is an amazing instructor who enjoys sharing his passion for scuba with students of all ages. His students often compliment his patient teaching style. Ask him a million questions, and he will give you a million answers! 


Paige Stender

SDI Instructor

PADI Divemaster

Paige is an SDI Instructor and PADI Divemaster. Working in the travel industry during the day gives her a fresh perspective on the opportunities out here! She loves taking pictures and sharpening her skills to capture memories under the water. 

glenn (2).jpg

Christa Ray


Christa is a certified diver who loves how this sport has brought her whole family together. Christa loves the social aspect of diving, gathering with new friends, and going on trips together. Her goal as a shop owner is to build a community of people who feel like they found their dive family at Ray Scuba Diving. As the official shop mom, she puts the "C" in community!


Amber Lane

SDI Divemaster
Social Media Manager

Amber is an amazing SDI Divemaster working towards becoming a PADI Assistant Instructor. Amber started her scuba journey in the summer of 2017.  She immediately fell in love with the splendor of the underwater world. She has a deep passion for our youth and loves creating exciting and engaging experiences for our youth divers. 


Teresa Tallon

PADI & SDI/TDI Instructor

Teresa loves all kinds of adventures in Diving, A few of her favorites are the mental aspect of tech diving and the physical aspect of Spearfishing. The ocean is a friend that she respects very much.

James Gear Up.jpg

James Ray

Gear Specialist

Our son James has been diving since he was 10. He is an accomplished Advanced Diver. He enjoys helping others enjoy the underwater, He can find lobster like nobody. He is also a great diving partner making sure you stay safe. 


Kyle Musick

SDI Instructor
PADI Divemaster

Kyle is an SDI Instructor who has some of the best trim around! Give us a call to book him for a buoyancy class to elevate your diving! #belikekyle Known as the Diving Viking, Kyle brings a level of playfulness into the profession. But don't let that fool you; this man knows his standards!

new jo.jpg

Justin Owens

SDI Divemaster

PADI Divemaster

Justin has been diving all over the Caribbean.  He decided to take his training to the next level and has become an SDI and PADI Dive Master.  When Justin is not leading group dives, he enjoys the deeper limits of recreational diving.  He enjoys helping newly certified divers, working alongside Ray’s Scuba pros, and is usually always smiling.

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